6 Braces-Friendly Alternatives to Some of Your Favorite Holiday Foods

If you’re new to braces this holiday season, you might be wondering if holiday eating with braces is the same as without them. In other words, which festive foods do you need to avoid with braces? And which foods are okay? Dr. Jonathan Murray and the team at Murray Orthodontics have got you covered with this list of six braces-friendly holiday food options.

1. Pumpkin Pie Over Pecan Pie

Let’s start with dessert, because, why not? Classic pecan pie is a no-go for braces-wearers because it has two things that put it on the list of foods to avoid with braces: it’s sticky and it has hard nuts. Instead, say yes to a slice of soft and braces-friendly pumpkin pie.

2. Soft-Baked Gingerbread Instead of Sugar Cookies

The holidays and cookies go hand in hand. But which ones can you reach for and which aren’t braces-friendly? Soft-baked cookies, soft ginger molasses cookies or crinkle cookies, are fine for braces. Crunchy cookies like hard gingerbread or sugar cookies are foods you should avoid with braces.

3. Carved Turkey Over Turkey on the Bone

Some people might tell you that meat on the bone is one of the foods to definitely avoid with braces. But you’ll be glad to know that when it comes to the holidays, eating with braces doesn’t mean you have to pass on the turkey. Choose meat that’s already carved and cut off the bone. Or if that’s not possible, cut your turkey off the bone into small, bite-sized pieces and chew with your back teeth. 

4. Soft Chocolate Instead of Hard Candy

Can you eat candy with braces? Sweet treats are always part of the holidays and, we get it, missing out isn’t fun. For braces-wearers, hard candies can damage braces, so it’s best to say no to crunching on candy canes. Instead? Reach for melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. Soft, creamy chocolates are on the list of foods that are okay to eat with braces — as long as they don’t have nuts or toffee. And let the chocolate melt in your mouth a little before biting down.

5. Mashed Potatoes Over Crunchy Bread

A festive feast is not complete without warm rolls and mashed potatoes. But if you have braces, opt for an extra helping of creamy mashed potatoes instead of a hard or crunchy roll. Hard bread can be challenging to bite into and get stuck in your braces but mashed potatoes are easy on braces. Not to mention comforting, delicious, and a vehicle for tasty gravy!

6. Steamed Veggies Over Raw Veggies

Crunching on raw, hard veggies can be risky with braces and your Wellington/Palm Beach Gardens braces experts at Murray Orthodontics consider hard veggies one of the foods to avoid. With braces, opt for steamed vegetables instead. Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower… eat these veggies steamed so they’re softer, easier to chew, and you don’t have to worry about damage to your braces. Plus, veggie sides help you maintain healthy, strong teeth.

Wishes For A Braces-Happy Holiday From Your Palm Beach Gardens Orthodontist

We hope this list has helped you figure out what to eat and what foods to avoid with braces this holiday season. Any foods you’re not sure about? Reach out to your Palm Beach Gardens and Wellington orthodontist. We’re here to help you achieve that confident smile with modern braces or Invisalign®… and have a confident experience in the process!